What We Do

Atlantic Beach Preservation, tasked to inform and promote citizen participation in the City of Atlantic Beach, was  formed as the result of a community meeting with more than 35 Atlantic Beach residents in August 2016. The meeting included a discussion of issues of common concern and ways to address them. Citizens decided that an organization was needed that would be able to research a variety of issues and then share the information with the community and the city government.

            Atlantic Beach Preservation is formed to protect neighborhoods, businesses, the environment and the general wellbeing of the uniqueness of the Atlantic Beach community.

            Volunteers will be assigned areas to research as teams. Other volunteer activities include attending Commission Meetings, Community Development Board Meetings and other city meetings. Providing information to the community will be done through neighborhood “block captains”, as well as social media and the press.

            For more information email atlanticbeachcaresllc@gmx.com or call 904.463.2067.