Commission Town Hall Meeting

22_town_hall.pngThis is from the June 12, 2017 Commission Meeting in which revisions to notifications of public hearings was discussed.

Revisions to Notice of Public Hearings(Section 24- 51, Code of Ordinances)

City Attorney Durden spoke about the joint meeting on May 24, 2017 with the Community Development Board and the notice requirements that the Florida Statute requires. Currently the City mails notices (of public hearing) to each property owner of land that is subject to amendment and signs are posted 14 days prior to the public hearing.

The Mayport Road Corridor topic was used as an example by Ms. Durden to show the volume of proposed notices to be mailed and then properties to be posted with signs. This is above what is required by the State Statute for notices when making changes to text for the Land Development Regulations.

The changes will require that notices are to be published in a newspaper, including specific size, width, font point size, and the location within the newspaper itself. The added requirements are intended to make the publications more noticeable to the public.

Attorney Durden stated the purpose today is to discuss and reach a consensus if to direct staff to draft an Ordinance to revise Section 24- 51 in accordance with the statutory notice requirements to modify those two specific notice requirements.

Discussion ensued about estimated costs involved with the proposed changes. Ms. Durden stated there would be a savings with the changes as opposed to costs with the current code. These are text changes only, i.e. the list of permitted uses in an area. These changes are not about changes to the use of a property.

Discussion continued noting concerns that the public may get less information resulting from the proposed changes. Ms. Durden stated the mailing of the notice requirements will not change. The posting of the signs is where the change could prove beneficial. In the example of the Mayport Road Corridor, there would be hundreds of parcels, and sometimes signs have to be posted on two road frontages for the same parcel.

Discussion continued about maintaining communication. It was suggested to move forward and have Staff draft an Ordinance to present at the July 22, 2017 Town Hall Meeting.

July 22, 2017 at 10am - 1pm
Commission Town Hall

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