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All About Our Trees

All About Our Trees: Past, Present and Future is the topic of Atlantic Beach Preservation’s meeting was held on February 2, 2017 at the Community Presbyterian Church.

The meeting focused on the most effective ways to enforce our tree ordinance. Speakers were  John November, who was at the time on the Beautification and Natural Resources Advisory Committee now known as ESC, and Rick Bell and Maureen Shaughnessy who served on the former Tree Conservation Board as well as City Planner and administrator of the Tree Ordinance, Derek Reeves. 

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Safe Routes to School? Let Your Voice Be Heard!

There are many important issues facing our community this month. A big issue is the a vote on the Safe Routes to Schools contract 

There are pro and cons for the Safe Routes to Schools.

It would be nice to have a safe route for our children to Atlantic Beach Elementary. Also, many citizens would like a larger sidewalk for running and biking. Those are all pluses. However, the path isn't addressing the children who really need a bike path to the west of Sherry Drive. Those children have no bike path at all and are the majority of the schools students.

There will be a cost to our city as well for driveway repairs and tree removal. The children will actually be closer to the road in order to accommodate the 8 ft path. And do we want more impervious area with all the flooding we are experiencing? Is the city approving this just because it's Federal money and they don't want to turn it down...even if it doesn't serve our town? Side walks like these are on Hodges and other areas where there is a lot of traffic at speeds of 40mph. Do we want to look more like a big city or do we want to keep our current sidewalks that are right sized for our town?

This is for us to let our city government know how we really feel.

This is a blog so feel free to add your comments and carry on the conversation.

​The video of the sidewalk path is bellow:

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