Staff's Review of Proposed Notice Change

City Staff's report includes the cost of a possible City wide noticing. Although historically there has never been a problem with our current codes and the noticing required, staff suggest that this could happen and the cost would be prohibitive. It would be useful to have information on noticing costs over the last 5 to 10 years to be able to put this in perspective. However, if the city wide notification is indeed an issue there should be several alternatives that would provide the citizens with proper notice.

Many cities are now using social media and have city apps. Click here  There could be electronic message boards strategically placed at intersections within Atlantic Beach. Calling residents for safety issues as well as public information, such as the Donna Race For The Cure, could be used in these rare cases.

There are many ways in which our city staff can work to ensure that Atlantic Beach citizens are receiving notice of all important government issues. When citizens are informed, the city is working at it's best. 

The complete Staff Report can be accessed here.



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