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Atlantic Beach Preservation is a group of Atlantic Beach citizens whose mission is to inform and promote citizen participation in city government to ensure the preservation of our quality of life.

Come to our informative meetings and join us in working with our government to preserve our city's quality of life! Check out our Events page for our next meeting.

If there is any issue that interest you from our meetings and you would like to take some positive action, here is what we recommend. 

1. Please spread the word to all your friends about the issue and encourage their participation in our meetings. 

2. Attend, ask questions and/or present your views at the Commission Meetings. 

3. Send emails or call our Mayor and City Commissioners and our City Manager  The more citizens share their concerns, the more likely we are to get their attention. They are our elected officials, and as such, they work for us.

Here is their contact information.

GLASSER, ELLEN, MAYOR SEAT 1, eglasser@coab.us, (904)472-6262

ANDERSON, CINDY COMMISSIONER SEAT 2  canderson@coab.us  (904) 247-7410

WATERS, BLYTHE CITY COMMISSIONER SEAT 3 bwaters@coab.us (904) 234-3361 

KELLY, CANDACE, CITY COMMISSIONER SEAT 4, ckelly@coab.us, (904)859-4387

NORRIS, BRITTANY, CITY COMMISSIONER SEAT 5, bnorris@coab.us, (904) 452-5066 

CITY MANAGER, JOE GERRITY, jgerrity@coab.us,  904-247-5806



4. Write a letter to the editors of our local papers.  

Jacksonville Times Union http://jacksonville.com/opinion/editorials
The Beaches Leader http://www.beachesleader.com/letter-editor
Folio at http://folioweekly.com/opinion/


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